Willing to give up my right to peanuts?

On Friday morning a week ago I boarded a plane and began the long journey from Orlando to ChiangMai. Orlando to Detroit. Detroit to Seoul. Seoul to ChiangMai. It is a long journey

peanutsOn the first flight — when they were making the usual announcement about being proud to serve Coca-Cola products on board all Delta flights — I heard the flight attendant say something I’d never heard. “One of our guest on board today’s flight is highly allergic to peanuts so we will not be serving peanuts to anyone on board this morning’s flight. Thank you for your understanding.”

Go #Delta!! I applaud this. Whether this is a corporate policy or just something that the team aboard that flight did in response to the situation, I am grateful. In some ways I’m surprised we still get peanuts on board any flights. Can they really say that clean all the tray tables and arm rests adequately to protect the person with the degree of allergy that is life threatening?

Anyhow, in a world where we often are too caught up in the frenzy to demand our rights to do as we please, I was pleased to see a decision to submit those rights for the sake of a fellow-traveler whose name we’ll never know.