Tea Spoons & Coffee Cups

While I prefer all of the hot beverages I enjoy in glass or ceramic or porcelain over paper, tea is particularly needful of the right cup. I’m not saying there is a specific cup I prefer over all others — or that “right” is only one kind. I’m also not saying that “right” is the same for everyone. Or every occasion. Or every day, even.

“This is not a moral or ethical issue!” she declares with some concern that people might think she wants to impose her hot beverage values on them.

I’m also used to using plastic or wooden stir sticks or a regular teaspoon for stirring in the milk or sugar (or whatever it is that gets added). I’ve used knives and forks in a pinch. In a pinch I’ve used a pencil. BUT, I would rather use a small spoon specifically for that purpose.

“Does this make me a snob?” she wonders without it being a worry so much as an inquiry.

Does the coffee taste better out of a mug than a paper cup? Sometimes. Is the small spoon more efficient in stirring than the stir stick? Not so much, really. I just like the way it feels in my hand. Like the way it looks on the table with the light hitting it a certain way. I like the way it sounds when you stir and then set the spoon down on the saucer.

“Let the analysis begin…” she mumbles, knowing that some will want to call this OCD while other label it whatever we’re labeling things these days.