Planning ahead for next year: OCCUPY THANKSGIVING!

I wonder if these signs are available at half price now that the weekend is over?

Next year I’m thinking about staging (what is the opposite of a protest?) a Thanksgiving event which I’ll call OCCUPY THANKSGIVING. We’ll all gather somewhere and do some really crazy stuff like prepare and share a meal, laugh at old jokes and often re-told stories, play some games and then eat the left-overs. Together.

What used to be a perfectly glorious 4-day weekend of relationship (with a limited agenda which included naps, plural) has turned into shop-fest crazy-making stuff-accumulating consumer marathon designed to rob us of sleep at the very time we need to get a bit more.

Stuff makes us happy? Shopping is fun?

Here’s the thing, I could blame the retailers and the marketers for all of this, but I am the one who mumbled something about being able to stop any time I want to as I poured over the pages of ads from stores I don’t even like.

If people want to sit in parks (though I hear they’ve mostly been kicked out and with winter setting in, that’s probably a good idea) to protest big business and consumerism, that’s okay by  me.

I'm pretty sure this does not qualify as quality family time.

So, Thanksgiving 2012.

Let’s be crazy rebellious and swim against the current.

Let’s do stuff like sleeping all night and part way into the morning on Friday. Let’s laugh more and shop less.

Let’s bake something with the small appliances we already have. Let’s play the games we accumulated in years past. Let’s watch the movie together we stood in line to purchase for $2 as if our time invested in the dark morning hours were not worth anything. The world will think we’ve lost our minds…

Who’s in?


You’ll see a comment below from Michael Holden who says he started the BUY MORE STUFF day and asks that any one using his images link back to his flickr page or to his website. Go check out his panorama images — though they have nothing to do with this blog, they’re really cool.