When thunder crashes, sing. Loudly. And not alone.

the dadThis dad explained in the video description that his daughter was being terrorized by fireworks, so he decided to get her singing to take her mind off the things filling her with fright. You probably watch and find yourself doing whatever your version of “awwww” and “isn’t that sweet” might be.

the daughterWhat do you do when things start exploding around you? You’ve experienced, as I have, the proverbial thunder crashes and the lightening strikes in the middle of a storm! While I love literal thunderstorms and enjoy watching and listening as the world thrashes about in the wind, those proverbial storms are another story all together.

I think the example set by this father and daughter speaks truth into those storms too. Much of the power (in the form of fear, I think) that these things that frighten us have over us are greatly dispelled when we invite others in and then—together—speak/sing/shout truth into the chaos.

We need each other in these times. And in these times it does not matter if we sing on key or mumble through the lyrics. It just matters that we keep making the joyful noise together.