A Walk in My Shoes

I’ll admit it up front — I’m a sucker for those movies where people are transformed by some sort of hard-to-explain-in-human terms experience that forces them to see the world from a perspective not their own. Freaky Friday. It’s a Wonderful Life. A Christmas Carol. All of these “classics” do that in a way. I guess I love the idea of second chances (and last-minute chances) for redemption.

A Walk in My Shoes is that kind of story.

NBC (yes, one of the traditional big three networks) is airing this movie on Friday night, December 3 at 8/7C as a part of their FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT sponsored by Wal-Mart and P&G. It’s a deal where these two companies and NBC agree to air family friendly programming on a Friday night. I think that’s cool.

What’s even more cool is the fact that this movie looks pretty good. Check out the trailer. There are also interviews and other snippets of vide on this site. If you’d like, you can read a summary of the plot, view photos…follow them on Twitter and Facebook and MySpace, even. Hey, if you want to be a groupie of this movie, the opportunity exists for that.


And finally, let me also admit that I was invited to promote this film in exchange for an opportunity to win a pair of TOMS shoes — which I think would be really cool. Honestly, if I thought the movie looked stupid, I would have passed on the op, but since I like what I see, I’m happy to have the chance. They’ll count the number of people who view the website through the unique url they provided to me. The one who sends the most traffic to the site, gets shoes. ┬áSo…if you like what you see and send people to the site using

this url, that’s be sweet indeed.